A letter from our founder

Welcome all. I invite you to discover what I have found to be the answer to modern education, fulfilling the needs of the whole child and every child. Incredibly, a little school born of the desire to attend to the educational needs of children with learning differences has become a fertile nesting place for typical and gifted learners. All children discover the wonder of learning at Elizabeth Academy as they are guided through a rich and challenging curriculum. It is pure joy! This discovery brings the skills to succeed in school and life. They become confident, enthusiastic, self-directed learners able to think critically, work collaboratively and act with integrity.

Elizabeth Academy is an inclusive Montessori school. We have the capacity (and opportunity) to effectively serve a wider range of learners than most public and private schools, due to:

  • Our very hands-on, activity and project-based curriculum

  • The specialized training and experience of our teachers

  • The highly personalized nature of our instruction

  • Low student-teacher ratios, with greater attunement and attentiveness to needs and interests of individual children

  • Our array of professional services and resources to support students and their families

The intangible qualities of our “little village” learning community are a joy to discover. I am moved by the enthusiasm and affection that our teachers express every day as they greet the children in the morning and bid them goodbye in the afternoon. Seeing how our students respond to this kind of unconditional love and acceptance (with self-confidence and an innate passion for learning) makes me wish I had more teachers who had encouraged me like this when I was a child.

Last but not least, Elizabeth Academy is a collaborative school. We view parents as our partners in the quest to nurture the wellbeing, happiness, and academic potential of every child entrusted to us. Our doors are always open to parents, for we believe that in sharing ideas and information we enhance the quality of learning and life for everyone involved—adults as well as children.


Again, I thank you for your interest in and support of Elizabeth Academy. I look forward to meeting you on campus in the near future.

On behalf of the Children,

Gail Williamsen

Founder and Executive Director