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At Elizabeth Academy/Garfield School, every child is seen to possess divine potential. Every child has promise. We are a school that serves typical students as well as a select group of children with exceptionalities. Our multi-age classrooms utilize a wide spectrum of materials designed to meet a variety of developmental levels.  By honoring each student’s unique contributions to the classroom, we help to develop self-respect, respect for classmates, and respect for the learning environment. As we nurture individuals, we create a community of caring learners and peer tutors who strengthen each other and enrich the world around them. 

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Our Mission

Our Philosophy

Every child is a promise. We believe that on the child rests the future of humanity.  So we must love, value, and respect the children and every child.  All children are unique and we will diligently strive to meet them at their individual need, realizing that this benefits the whole.  We will focus on all strengths, overcome weakness and imagine possibilities.

We are committed to providing an authentic Montessori education that emphasizes cooperative learning and nourishes young minds and spirits.  We believe in traditional values honoring home, God and family. While we value the time-honored tradition of the Montessori method, coupled with its spiritual components, we also appreciate the scientific nature of Montessori pedagogy and seek to enhance the curriculum with progressive enrichments and therapy services where needed.


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