Lindsay Larsen

Art Therapist

Lindsay Larsen has been using art and sensory integrated modalities to help young people grow more emotionally resilient and have better academic experiences and outcomes for the past 11 years. Lindsay earned a bachelor's degree in Art as Therapy from the University of Utah and a Master of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with an Arts in Education emphasis.

Lindsay was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 17. After a 3-year cancer battle caused her to lose her working memory she developed a fascination with utilizing art therapeutically and also as an educational intervention. Lindsay found that through integrating art into her academic curriculum she was able to regain working memory and even improve her cognitive function. This ignited Lindsay's passion for studying how art can foster deeper connections in the young developing brain and improve learning outcomes. Upon Lindsay's remission from cancer she committed to dedicating her life to teaching art to young people who have unique learning and emotional challenges.

Over the past decade, Lindsay has taught and worked therapeutically with youth in a variety of settings. She has worked with youth at Primary Children's Medical Center, Salt Lake County Youth Services, the Salt Lake School District, and the University of Utah. She believes deeply in the mission of Elizabeth Academy/Garfield School and is looking forward to supporting the school through therapeutic arts integration.

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