Staff Bios

  • Humanities Teacher

    Joshi Haskell

    Joshi has worked as a Montessori Middle School Teacher since 2009. A former Montessori student, she received a Bachelor's of Science from the University of Utah in 2005.

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  • Math and Science Teacher

    Mark Nuetzel

    Mark Nuetzel has been teaching math and science to Utah middle school students since 2005.

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  • Language Arts & Science Teacher

    Kat Kirk

    Kat has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate.

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  • Math Dept Head, Math Teacher

    Keiko Booth

    Keiko has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and over a decade of experience as a mathematics teacher.

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  • Inclusion & Life Skills Teacher, School Counselor

    Laura Van Hook, LCSW

    Laura brings 16 years experience as a clinical social worker, including leading a team of 13 medical social workers and working in the neuro-trauma unit at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. She

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  • Science Teacher

    Gretchen Lupica

    Gretchen holds a Bachelor of Arts de

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  • LA/Humanities Department Head & HS LA/Humanities

    Chris Rondem

    Chris has a strong background in humanities, a Bachelor of Science degree in philosophy and economics from the University of Utah and is finishing up his Master's degree in Natural Resources from Cornell University.&n

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