What is Inclusion?

The Inclusive Montessori classroom is a microcosm of what a child will later experience as he transitions to “real life.” It is the child’s own community. At Elizabeth Academy, we open our arms to diverse learners and special needs and hope to become the model of Inclusion for other schools. For we realize we cannot do it all. But with the benefit of the multi-age grouping and peer mentoring inherent in the Montessori method and philosophy, all children benefit from Inclusion at Elizabeth Academy. Here is how it works.

T[Girls Hugging]he children are directed by a team of classroom teachers who are uniquely qualified to guide them. These teachers have specialized training combining Montessori and Special Education, and work together to meet the intellectual and emotional needs of each child. The Montessori method is easily adaptable to meet the needs of all types of learners.

Our classrooms are motivated by cooperation, support and delight in one another’s accomplishments. Children discover themselves and their environments as they channel through many avenues of learning and feel the importance of belonging to a nurturing, supportive and inclusive community.

Benefits of Inclusion

Leadership is naturally born and competition subsides as children engage in a spirit of compassionate understanding. Inclusion also lends itself to wondrous problem-solving, expanding the mind. It encourages cooperation, tolerance and helps all children to be more accepting of individual differences. Children develop a greater diversity of friendships, higher self confidence and a deeper ability to express empathy and compassion.

Children have the opportunity to practice their leadership skills as they serve as role models. Creativity is stimulated in all children as they learn to see the world from new perspectives and learn to appreciate ideas and styles that differ from their own. All children benefit from the expertise and guidance of teachers implementing new materials and a variety of teaching methods.

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