Our Programs

We offer inclusive Montessori programs for children from infancy through high school. Beginning with our intensive early intervention services, which include in-class therapy services and parent education in the Infant, Toddler and Early Childhood (preschool-Kindergarten) classes, to our Elementary, Middle and High School programs, Elizabeth Academy offers the highest quality Montessori and inclusive education available. 

We embrace educational best practices to guide, inspire and challenge our students. Whether a student is gifted, typical, or in need of extra support, at Elizabeth Academy, every student's needs are met. Our MACTE credentialed and experienced Montessori teachers work collaboratively with special educators and therapists to individualize the learning experience for each child. As a model school for inclusion, we adapt the curriculum as needed, utilizing authentic assessment practices to ensure that each child is appropriately challenged and supported. 

Each classroom is a community of learners built on a foundation of respect and responsibility. By working with hands-on materials, children develop their fine motor skills, gain problem-solving skills, and learn to concentrate. Project work helps students learn to work in teams and develop strong communication and conflict resolution skills. Through service learning, students develop empathy and a sense of gratitude. We encourage our students to question, to learn how to find information, and to analyze what they've learned. At a time when information is available to us at the touch of a button, we emphasize learning how to learn rather than rote memorization of content. Curiosity, resilience, perseverance: these are skills that will serve children throughout their lives. 




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