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Elizabeth Academy is an inclusive private non-profit Montessori school currently serving over 200 students located in the East Millcreek area of Salt Lake City, Utah. Fully embracing Montessori best practices, Elizabeth Academy is a model school for inclusion designed to challenge and inspire diverse learners from birth through 6th grade. Our students can continue on to Middle and High School (7th-8th grade, 9th-12th grade) at our Garfield School campus (1838 S. 1500 E. Salt Lake City).

Our 50,000 square foot facility was designed by architectural firm VCBO based on Montessori best practices.  VCBO ​received Learning by Design's 2014 Citation of Excellence Award for the design of our building (see attachment below).  

Our facility features large classrooms filled with natural light, with design elements that stimulate natural learning and create a beautiful and comfortable environment. The classroom floors have radiant heating, which keeps the students and teachers cozy during the winter months. ​ 

We have one Infant classroom, two Toddler classrooms, three Early Childhood classrooms, three Lower Elementary classrooms, and three Upper Elementary classrooms. The Upper Elementary classrooms have a science lab All classrooms have attached balconies so that students can maintain classroom gardens and have access to the outdoors during class time.  

The hallways are extra wide and serve as an extension of the classroom, creating collaboration spaces for students to work together and ample space to lay out large works such as the bead chains. Our school is designed to be a warm and inviting environment that fosters independence for our students while maintaining exceptional physical security.

The Art Studio is used by our elementary and middle school students who work with our art specialist during their afternoon enrichments. The Art Studio is designed to support a variety of visual arts media and has a kiln for ceramics projects. Our Media Center has an extensive collection of high quality books. Our younger students enjoy a weekly story hour with our media specialist while our older students use the media center for research related to their academic studies. All students have the opportunity to check out books to read in their classroom or to take home with parent permission.​

The Multipurpose Room features a Cafeteria, Gymnasium, and a Black Box Theater. Our elementary and middle school students eat lunch in the cafeteria, while younger students have lunch in their classrooms. Granite School District Food Services provides our lunch service, and all students have the option to bring a lunch from home or order a school lunch. We use the Gymnasium for physical education and movement activities as well as for school events such as our annual Fall Festival and our Gratitude Feast.

Students at all program levels work with our dance specialist in the Black Box Theater during enrichment and electives classes. We also use the Black Box Theater for dance and theatrical performances.   

Our outdoor environment features a playground for our older students with climbing areas, slides and a swing set. Our younger students enjoy beautiful wooden playhouses, a cascading water feature and sand areas. Students plant and harvest vegetables in our school garden area as well as in garden beds on the attached balconies of every classroomWe also have a soccer field that is used by our elementary and middle school students for formal and informal soccer games.






*Although our facility is certified to be asbestos free, as required by Federal and State regulation, Elizabeth Academy has an Asbestos Management Plan on file and is available for inspection by appointment.  If you would like to see the management plan with those certifications, it is available in our front office.

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