Middle/High school (7th through 12th grade)

The Montessori Middle/High School (Secondary) is a place where adolescents can learn, grow, and develop in a safe, intellectually stimulating environment. The Secondary curriculum includes the study of the humanities, mathematics, geometry, and geography, as well as physical and natural sciences.  Students learn to be reflective, and articulate their thoughts through Math Seminars, Socratic Dialogue and Literature Discussions.  Our Secondary program meets the developmental needs of adolescents at this phase of their lives.

Through Service Learning, students learn to live ethical lives, and develop a habit of service.  The study of Occupations provides students with experience related to business, marketing, and economics.  

Field experiences give students the opportunity to take advantage of resources in the larger community to broaden their learning. Secondary students choose enrichment experiences from a menu of electives, such as ceramic handbuilding, drawing, painting, winter gardening, swimming, musical theater, performance art, robotics, yoga, foundry, cross country, guitar, life skills and choir.

The psychological characteristics and needs of adolescents include: Moral Development, Reflection on the Transcendent, Civility, Solidarity and Compassion, Passion for Joining Society, Economic Independence and an understanding of the adult world which they will eventually be joining.

  • Moral Development: The process of finding out what contributes to social harmony and compassion, through working with others in a social organization as well as having solitude and quiet for the individual to process their experiences and opinions.

  • Reflection on the transcendent: Thinking about their own belief systems and those of the people and communities around them.  

  • Passion for Joining Society: Eagerness and willingness to acquire information that will carry them into the adult world they will be entering.

  • Civility: During adolescence, students want to make an impact on the communities in which they live; they are aware of what’s right and what’s wrong and want to express their approval or disapproval.

  • Solidarity and Compassion: Creating their own connection to and love for humanity and society, adolescents need opportunities for solidifying this growth as well as methods of acting on their connections through interactions with the community.

  • Physical Needs of Adolescents: Providing protection and understanding of the developmental changes at this time as well as providing meaningful exercise for a rapidly growing body.

The montessori Curriculum

  • Curiosity

  • Self-Confidence

  • Respect for Self & Others

  • Independence

  • Geology

  • History

  • Science