Lunch Program

We have created a healthy and delicious lunch program that is prepared at our Elizabeth Academy location and is served fresh everyday to both campuses.

NOTE: Hot Lunch is NOT served on early release days EXCEPT on half-day Thursdays for P/T Conferences when it will be served (10/3, 11/7, and 2/27). Students get snacks daily and all the early release days are on days we have a celebration in the classroom or as a community that includes food.

Questions can be directed to our Lunch Program Coordinator, Karen Zabriskie at

Ordering Instructions

1.  Go to and log in or follow the instructions to set up an account using an email address.

3.  Choose the "student" to add or update your student information. Please ensure classroom and campus are correct for proper delivery.

4.  Click on “Order” to begin placing your order.  Add meals/options for ALL students then click “review order” at bottom.

NOTE: You can toggle between students and move forward to future months if desired before clicking “review order.”  This way you can check out and PAY ONCE FOR ALL STUDENTS and multiple months if desired.

5.  Click on “pay now.”  You will be re-directed to PayPal for payment.  Use your PayPal account or a credit card to complete your transaction.